Value Them Both August 2nd!


A recent Kansas Supreme Court ruling removed the legal foundation for all existing laws that permit basic regulations on abortion. Value Them Both simply allows for these existing laws to be protected.

Learn more about the Value Them Both Amendment.

The Eisenhower Dinner

The Eisenhower Dinner is typically held in the fall and is one of the larger fundraisers we have for the Shawnee County Republicans.

The Eisenhower Series

The Eisenhower Series is one of the most active and successful of its kind in the country. Each year this Series sponsors one class of outstanding Republican women from across Kansas. It is comprised of events held once a month, typically on Saturdays, at various locations across Kansas. We invite you to explore our excellent Series Curriculum, featuring elected officials, leaders of Kansas industries, and experts in campaign management.

The Men's Leadership Series

The Men’s Leadership Series sponsors one or more classes of outstanding Republican men from across Kansas each year. Our program is comprised of a series of events held once a month at various locations across Kansas.

Local Candidate information coming soon.

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