Party Rules


Kansas Republican Party Constitution

This link will take you to the Constitution for the Kansas Republican Party. It is the document that generally oversees the county party as well.


Shawnee County Republican Party Reorganization Meeting Rules. 

General & Preliminary Matters

  1. Robert’s Rules of Order govern the meeting to the extent that they are not inconsistent with these rules.
  2. The attending precinct committee persons must approve the Rules governing the meeting.
  3. The County Republican Chair shall serve as the Meeting Chair unless an alternative candidate is nominated by and seconded and then receives a majority of the votes of the precinct committee people.
  4. An absent precinct committee person may give another registered republican resident of his precinct, including the other precinct committee person, a signed proxy allowing the bearer to vote in the committee person’s absence.
  5. All balloting shall be by secret paper ballot unless only one individual is nominated in which case the meeting chair may declare that person elected by acclamation.
  6. The meeting chair shall appoint a tally committee to oversee preparation, distribution, and counting of all ballots.
  7. There is no quorum requirement.


Officer Nomination & Election:

  1. All candidates for party office must be a registered Republican and resident of the County.
  2. The offices will be elected in this order: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, then Treasurer.  The Secretary and Treasurer may be the same person.  The Chair and Vice-Chair must be opposite gender.  Then the delegates and alternate delegates.
  3. A candidate must be nominated and seconded by a committee person. The nominator may give a nomination speech at the time of the nomination, which shall not exceed three minutes.
  4. Each candidate shall be permitted to address the meeting for a period not to exceed five minutes. The candidates shall speak in the order in which they were nominated.
  5. The candidate receiving the majority of votes cast, defined as more than half of all the votes cast, shall be elected to office. If no candidate receives a majority of all votes cast, the candidate receiving the fewest number of votes shall be removed from the ballot and additional rounds of voting shall take place, following the same procedure, until one candidate receives a majority of all votes cast.
  6. A candidate may withdraw at any time. If a candidate withdraws after balloting begins, any votes cast for the withdrawing candidate shall not be reported or recorded and the withdrawing candidate shall not be considered the winner even if that candidate receives the majority of votes cast.
  7. If the elected County Chair is different from the old County Chair, the new Chair becomes the meeting chair immediately on election.


Delegates & Alternate Delegate Election:

15. There will be a pre-printed ballot of names of people who have notified the chair in advance of their willingness to serve as either Delegate (34 slots) or Alternate Delegate (36 slots).  Nominations will also be taken from the floor for any of the slots.


Policies on Donations to Candidates and Campaigns

  1. The Shawnee County Republican Party is neutral in all partisan GOP primary campaigns, and will not financially support GOP candidates during a contested primary.
  2. The Shawnee County Republican Party will focus more on Shawnee County elections (state and local) before donating our limited resources to stated wide or federal campaigns.
  3. For non-partisan elections, where candidates do not run as the official GOP candidate, the Shawnee County Republican Party will consider requests for donations from candidates on a case by case basis.