Our party only succeeds because of the hard work of hundreds of volunteers year in and year out! Your hard work helps us make Shawnee County safer, stronger, and more prosperous for everyone. Here’s a few ways to get involved with the Shawnee County Republican Party.


Shawnee County Involvement

Precinct Committeemen and Committeewomen

We are always in need of more individuals to serve as precinct committeemen and committeewomen. One of each is assigned to each precinct in the county. While we’re between election cycles, the party chairman may appoint individuals to fill vacant seats. If you are interested in serving as a precinct committeeman or committeewoman, please email Kim Borchers at ShawneeCoKsGOP@gmail.com with your home address. Include the phrase “precinct committee volunteer” in the subject line.


Misc. Campaign Involvement

As a reminder, the Shawnee County Party does not support any particular Republican in the primary. However, some campaigns send us contact info for potential volunteers. As we receive information from candidates, it will be posted here.