Our 2020 Candidates

President / Vice President
Donald J. Trump / Mike Pence


US Senator
Roger Marshall


US Representative 2nd District 
Jake LaTurner


State Senate 18th District
Kristen O’Shea


State Senate 19th District
Rick Kloos


State Senate 20th District
Brenda Dietrich


State Rep. 47th District
Ronald B. Ellis


State Rep. 50th District
Fred C. Patton


State Rep. 51st District
Ron Highland


State Rep. 52nd District
Jesse Borjon


State Rep. 53rd District
Jeff Coen


State Rep. 54th District
Ken Corbet


State Rep. 55th District
Janlyn Nesbett Tucker


State Rep. 56th District
Tim Clothier


State Rep. 57th District
Michael Martin


State Rep. 58th District
Geoffrey H. Gawdun


District Attorney 3rd District
Mike Kagay


County Commissioner 2nd District
John Kabus


County Commissioner 3rd District
Aaron Mays


County Clerk
Cynthia “Cyndi” Beck


Register of Deeds
Becky Nioce


Brian Hill


Click HERE for the Shawnee County Election Office’s Primary Election Results including Townships.
Please scroll down to view Republican candidates as they’re listed second.


Ever been surprised to learn there’s more on your ballot than you studied for? So many political ads – ever wonder who to believe? Click HERE and follow the prompts to see your sample ballot before you vote! And click HERE to view candidate survey answers, endorsements, and iVoterGuide scorecards.


Briefly put, vote REPUBLICAN for President Trump and candidates down the ticket for the policies of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness! Vote to preserve our freedoms, the rule of law, and to uphold our Constitution! Let’s vote in Republicans and work towards stopping judges who legislate from the bench. Again, check out iVoterGuide.com.


Kansans for Life, Save the Babies, and a team of local independent Republican attorneys have recommended the following votes on judge retention.

Kansas Supreme Court – Eric Rosen – NO

Kansas Court of Appeals – Sarah Warner – NO (didn’t answer about partial birth abortion)


Kansas Court of Appeals – David Bruns – YES


Kansas Court of Appeals – G Gordon Atcheson – NO


Kansas Court of Appeals – Karen M Arnold-Burger – NO


Kansas Court of Appeals – Kathryn Gardner – YES


District Court Judge, Division 2, Richard Anderson – YES


District Court Judge, Division 3, Teresa Watson -YES


District Court Judge, Division 4, Darian Dernovish – YES


District Court Judge, Division 6, Thomas Luedke – YES


District Court Judge, Division 8, Mary Christopher – YES


District Court Judge, Division 12, Steven Ebberts – YES


District Court Judge, Division 14, Nancy Parrish – NO


District Court Judge, Division 15, Rachel Pickering – NO